BMW Films Presents: THE CALM | BMW x Cannes Film Festival 2023 | Best Commercials

Published on January 31, 2024 by
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BMW is proud to reprise its rich cinematic legacy with the latest film installment THE CALM, a film presented by BMW Films.

From Executive Producer Joseph Kosinski and Director Sam Hargrave, with music from Hanz Zimmer. Pom Klementieff is a mysterious passenger forced to fight her way through a web of obstacles to keep her mission intact.

Until she ends up in the Hotel Martinez in Cannes and meets Uma Thurman..

THE CALM is a short film full of action, twists, and… calmness, including the first-ever silent car chase.


This film was made purely for entertainment purposes. Some vehicle features shown (e.g. in driverless scenes) were simulated and are not available for sale. The film was produced on closed roads with professional drivers. Do not attempt.

Music: Je t’aime by Vincent Perrot