Hyundai India | Get ready to meet the new Hyundai CRETA โ€“ Undisputed | Best Commercials

Published on January 31, 2024 by
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#CRETASUV #NewHyundaiCRETA #HyundaiIndia
Check out the extraordinary adventure as the powerful duo, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, unite under the directorial brilliance of Siddharth Anand. Brace yourselves for a cinematic spectacle that transcends boundaries, a blockbuster journey with the new Hyundai CRETA that redefines the meaning of undisputed style and ultimate power.
Each frame pulsates with the raw energy of adventure, propelling you into a journey where the road meets the extraordinary. Join us as we unleash unparalleled excitement, setting a new standard in automotive excellence.

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